2019 Arbour Lake Annual Parade of Garage

Saturday, May 25 starting at 9:00 am (times may vary)

Boot Sale:  Don’t have a garage?  Only have a few items to sell?  St. Ambrose School has graciously allowed the ALCA to use their staff parking lot at 1500 Arbour Lake Drive for our first “Boot Sale”.  Load your sale items into the back of your vehicle, join other sellers in the St. Ambrose parking lot, and sell your goods right out of your vehicle!    

Sellers:  Completed registration and fee can be dropped off at Amaranth Whole Foods at 7 Arbour Lake Drive NW until May 21.  Registration is free for those with current ALCA memberships (your membership number must be provided on the registration form and can be found under Membership at arbourlakecommunity.com).  There is a $5 fee for non-ALCA members to help pay for advertising and printing costs.  A map with your address on it is given outto help your buyers find you!

Registration Form 

Buyers:  Maps indicating participating addresses will be available starting Friday, May 24 at Amaranth Foods.